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BC Labour Stats

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Irish Spatial Strategy

Bass the Final Frontier
You'll like this one. ;)

Westwave Recordings
West Coast Rock Stars!

Honorary Professor at the Department of Politics in Keele and Visiting Professor at the Department of Environmental Science at the University of East London and formerly Visiting Fellow at Green College Oxford and Visiting Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Bristol.

AlterNetís Rights and Liberties page is dedicated to documenting, reporting, and reflecting on the increasingly restrictive climate for civil liberties and human rights.

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Cows with guns
Run cows run!

Idle Theory

Womens Health Interaction

Social Watch

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"International Commonplace" of Cyberspace. -conspiracy theory-

Radical Urban Theory

Reclaim the Streets
Where the people meet!

Bob Black
Workers of the world RELAX!

Marxism and Anarchism ---
An Analytical Comparison. umm... this article came from the noam chomski z net archives. you may have to search for it, as it seems it did not stick.

Workers Solidarity Movement

Anarchism and Women's Liberation

The Dissident Feminist
The many factions of feminism.

Cool cats! Workers Unite!

Nortons Better World Links
Norton's got it all!

The Official UN Site

From Capitalist Crisis to Proletarian Slavery
An Introduction to Class Struggle in the US, 1973-1998

Open Society Institute--Budapest
At the most fundamental, philosophical level, the concept of open society is based on the recognition that people act on imperfect knowledge and that no one is in possession of the ultimate truth. OSI

The Refrence Writers Encyclopedia of Marxism
The most extensive Marxist site I have come across yet.

Women Watch

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Naomi Klien and her thoughts on war.

Media Workers Against The War
The best global source on the web for anti-war news, views and updates on the international peace movement - updated daily.

Sociology of Knowledge.
What do we really know?

Manifesto Of the Communist Party
The bourgeoisie has drowned the most heavenly ecstasies of religious fervour, of chivalrous enthusiasm, of philistine sentimentalism, in the icy water of egotistical calculation.

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